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Skateboarding, or, What I Learned from the Chickens

It was December of 1999. A few of us were sitting around complaining about how hard it was to get our students to let go of food – luring. Someone came up with the idea that we might introduce skateboard training, since it would be very hard to train that behavior through any form of prompting. They would really have to shape the behavior.

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How to talk about….

Everyone has different strengths in how they communicate with clients, and one way to approach a situation won’t work for everyone. In our “How to Talk About…” series, IAABC members talk about the strategies they use to approach tricky situations in their behavior work — offering a diverse array of perspectives so you can add more to your behavior consulting toolbox!

This issue’s topic is, how to address situations where it’s not possible to create a consistent environment for behavior work. The two scenarios reflect situations many of you will be familiar with in your work with in-home clients or in shelters.

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